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Appeal for write-ups for Kolaj 2017 (1424)

“If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

Stephen King, American author

Friends, Kolaj is a Bengali Pujabarshiki published from Hyderabad by “Bengalis in Hyderabad” (BiH) group. We have published 9 editions so far and this year it will be our 10th edition. Eminent writers from Kolkata and Hyderabad write in Kolaj.

This is an appeal to all who wants to contribute towards the content of Kolaj 1424 Pujabarshiki.

If you are interested in writing- then please send us your article for this year’s Kolaj, which will be published at the last week of September 2017.

Mail ID for sending write-up is:

Last date for sending articles is 27th August, 2017. Sooner you send is the articles, it will be easier for us to edit and give a quality outcome.

Please mention the following information while sending your entry. Without these information, the entries will not be considered as valid:

Full Name of Author:

Mail ID:

Mobile Number:

Member of BiH Facebook Group?: Yes/ No

Premium Member of BiH?: Yes/ No

Also, please read the formats for write-ups ans useful information below.

Some Information:

  • Anybody can send write-ups; location, gender, height, weight, colour and any other thing does not matter. And yes, even non-BiH (Bengalis in Hyderabad) members also can send.
  • Also tell your friends, who are good writers, about this and spread the word
  • We accept short stories, novels, essays, light writings, poetries, travelogue etc.- in short all the things that are standard in any literary magazine
  • We accept write-ups in both English and Bengali, but since it is a Bengali Pujabarshiki the ratio of Bengali to English would be roughly 80%-20%
  • The write-up should be original in nature and should be an unpublished work (i.e., it is not published anywhere till now)
  • The decision of the editorial board is final (regarding selection of write-ups)
  • Lastly, this is just to inform that eminent writers’ works are published in Kolaj. So, please keep the quality high.

Format for sending write-ups:

  • All write-ups (both Bengali and English) should be in MS-Word format (no PDF)- *.doc format (and not *.docx format)
  • Font: Adorsholipi (9pt) for Bengali and Verdana (9pt) for English
  • Bengali typing software: Avro Keyboard (in MS Word)
  • Poems/songs/quotations Font (that are part of articles, not individual poetry): Adorsholipi font in italics (9pt)
  • Alignment: Justify


  • Set the typing parameters before editing/typing. Avro has some bugs in font transformation. It may fail to change the fonts later. You may have to do the typing again if you are not cautious.
  • Set font to adorsholipi 9 pt before typing start. Avro uses Vrinda by default.
  • Please refrain from using English words as much as possible (in a Bengali write-up). We mean, type the English word in Bengali fonts.
  • When it is absolutely required to put English fonts in Bengali write-up, please use Verdana 9pt font.
  • Do not use multiple spaces/tabs between words, even if it looks ugly. Use default paragraph margins for typing. Do not change the line indents.
  • Save files is .doc (not .docx) format that is, Word 1997-2003 format. Word 2007 sometimes fails to retain formatting after closure of docs.

"We request you to send maximum two contribution per author. In case of multiple entries, only first two will be considered eligible."

How to install software and fonts:

You can get all the required fonts and Avro keyboard software from this link:
To install fonts, after downloading, just copy-paste the *.ttf files into this folder: C:\windows\font

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